Digital Diversity Consulting

Digital Diversity Consulting

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Digital diversity means integrating communities with unique viewpoints, values, and ideas into the digital landscape. Our experience in collaborating with global users and marginalized makers promises to open the field to true inclusion and innovation.
— Ali Colleen Neff, Ph.D.

About Culture.Encode

CultureEncode helps industry grow its commitments to diversity and inclusion. In thinking through the standpoints of gender, ethnicity, race, and place, we find ways to build diverse communities into the global digital landscape.  

Researching Organizational, Market and User Cultures

We study your organization, project, campaign, and UX/market paradigms to understand how you can increase inclusion, diversity and global reach. With twelve years' award-winning research, teaching and publishing on global and minoritized digital cultures, CultureEncode is prepared to deep dive. 

Assessing Possibilities for Growth

We assess how your organization, campaign, or platform can most efficiently grow diversity and inclusivity toward targeted goals. Drawing from a background in sociology, intercultural communication, and gender and ethnic studies, we custom-tailor recommendations for growth and communicate them through multimedia presentations, data visualization and digital storytelling.

Training Teams

We educate leadership, teams, and makers to approach their work from a global, rigorously inclusive perspective. We workshop recruiting and UX practices to transform workplaces and design thinking. We offer custom-tailored in-house training sessions, webinars, and online courses to foster an inclusive workplace and spark design and marketing innovation. 

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Ali Colleen Neff, Ph.D. 

Since 2005, digital anthropologist Ali Colleen Neff, Ph.D. has been studying the ways global and marginalized communities use, make, and circulate digital things.

In the course of her fieldwork with digital makers in the US inner city and with young people in West Africa, she became concerned with the need for digital platforms that reach across the "digital divide": the barrier that keeps marginalized populations from accessing the hardware, software, connectivity and training they need to participate in the digital landscape. 

In addition to directing the Digital Africa project, cultivating groundbreaking work on Digital Subcultures, and researching hip-hop digitalities, she has authored books, published a host of academic articles, and given keynotes on gender race, and media. Her work has been the recipient of major awards from the Mellon Foundation, REACH, FLAS, and DK Wilgus. 

Take One: Serving Global Markets

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Reaching Communities across the digital divide


Take one: we are attuned to the complexities of opening up new markets, engaging new users, and reaching across the invisible border we call the "digital divide": communities and regions with less access to up-to date software, machines, connectivity and training. We help industry adapt to new markets, users, and audiences by activating our background in digital anthropology, cultural studies, and pop culture and media to understand what you need to know about these communities. After identifying key tastemakers, we conduct original ethnographic market studies, write white papers, and offer presentation and training that will keep you in the know. See our Services


Take Two: Resourcing Diverse Users and Makers

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Recognizing innovative diversity


Take two: We are experts in the ways digital media, platforms, hardware and software are used by populations outside the original, intended market or user experience population. Using a combination of global design thinking and qualitative study, we study the way users bend technologies to suit their unique needs. By looking carefully these "off-label" engagements, we help to identify consumer needs, suggest ways tech can become more flexible, and recognize sparks of innovation. See our Services

Take Three: Diversity in the Digital Workplace

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Increasing Diversity in Tech

We know how important it is to increase inclusion, equity and diversity in the world of tech, but how do companies begin to transform their pipelines, open up their workplaces, and rethink the roles of engineer, designer, researcher and executive to include more women and minorities? After developing 27 university courses meant to teach the fundamentals of thinking and communicating about race, gender, and global difference, we help to transform workplace culture. We offer concrete and sustainable solutions to the need for inclusion in tech. See our Services