The Ethics and Possibilities of Global Marketing and Outreach

Take One: Serving Global Markets

How in-depth cultural knowledge can illuminate the ethics and possibilities of global projects

Global Reach is the Name of the Game

It's 2017 and industry is learning how to do global differently. As Facebook lays cable throughout West Africa and startups innovate new strategies to account for digital globalization from the outset, intercultural communication and understanding has become crucial. The idea is no longer to sell new products to expanding global markets--the old industry model--as much as it is to develop a longstanding relationship--to loop new communities into the global digital landscape and serve their unique needs.

Serving global markets requires intercultural knowledge for the sake of working efficiently, building positive longstanding partnerships with global entities that may work very differently form domestic ones, and avoiding ethical missteps that could lead to missed opportunties, or worse, bad publicity. 

At CultureEncode, we use the tools and perspectives of anthropology, cultural studies, and collaborative community research to answer the following questions: 

  • Beyond selling product, how can we serve this market my answering to a need, and offering access to resources that this community or these users did not have before?
  • Are their hidden ethical concerns in getting involved with this community? How do we find those and ensure we do no harm?
  • Beyond the language we're working in, what kind of translation must we do to make our project/product/brand make sense in new contexts?
  • Is there an element of space, staff or stuff we can provide that will offer the necessary interface with this market?

Global Projects are Unexpectedly Tricky...


...But They Offer Huge Opportunities for True Diversity and Inclusion

A quick survey of industry mission statements evidences the investment companies have in global consciousness. And a series of  

When In Doubt, Hire a Culture Expert

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