Global Consulting Samples

With over a decade of global research under our belts, we are ready to travel. Our groundbreaking work has won major awards from the Mellon/ACLS, Peacock Reach, DK Wilgus, NAACP and FLAS Foundations. Ali Colleen Neff, Ph,.D., draws from her longstanding work as a researcher and professor of Anthropology, Digital and Media studies to tell you what you need to know about new global markets and users, and to envision exciting new horizons for your company. 


Digital Africa: New Modes of Innovation in the Global Context

This is a companion blog to my recent FutureTalk on African digital makers and users; you can watch the video of this talk below. Although I’m jumping off from this specific research topic, really, it’s a talk about the relationship of human diversity to digital innovation: to the power we have to harness design thinking to make alternative futures.


Hip-Hop,Design Thinking, and Digital Innovation

This research/white paper illustrates how important universal design thinking is to industry. By nourishing a more inclusive Digital landscape, we open the door to groundbreaking innovation


What Anthropology can Bring to the Industry Research Table

As tech considers its ability to serve the needs of people and communities who lie outside their "cultural default"–users with the kinds of identities and cultural experience that most match those of the programmers-it also understands that it cannot know the motivations, contexts and experiences of diverse users without engaging those users.