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Understanding Diverse  Users at a Major Public Works Organization

This groundbreaking project involved a major web overhaul for a big-city public entity with a focus on serving minority populations. We were passionate about working in the homes of a diverse group of citizens to witness them engaging with public services both in person and online. 


VR/Design Testing with a Focus on Diversity

For this project, CultureEncode teamed with a Virtual Reality company to test sign designs for a major public entity. We wanted to work both with regular commuters and intermittent and visiting ones, as well as engaging users with disabilities and ESL considerations. 

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Researching Independent Content Creators

This presentation deck describes a sample proposal for original, exploratory research with one of social media's most exciting pools of users: underground, independent, and experimental video content creators. In two weeks' time, we can produce useful personas and actionable insights for new platforms.

What Anthropology Reveals about Global Marketing

Serving global markets requires intercultural knowledge for the sake of working efficiently, building positive longstanding partnerships with global entities that may work very differently form domestic ones, and avoiding ethical missteps that could lead to missed opportunties, or worse, bad publicity. We help you think it through.