Culture.Encode Digital Diversity
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Understanding Diverse  Users at a Major Public Works Organization

This groundbreaking project involved a major web overhaul for a big-city public entity with a focus on serving minority populations. We were passionate about working in the homes of a diverse group of citizens to witness them engaging with public services both in person and online. 


VR/Design Testing with a Focus on Diversity

For this project, CultureEncode teamed with a Virtual Reality company to test sign designs for a major public entity. We wanted to work both with regular commuters and intermittent and visiting ones, as well as engaging users with disabilities and ESL considerations. 

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Researching Independent Content Creators

This presentation deck describes a sample proposal for original, exploratory research with one of social media's most exciting pools of users: underground, independent, and experimental video content creators. In two weeks' time, we can produce useful personas and actionable insights for new platforms.

What Anthropology Reveals about Global Marketing

Serving global markets requires intercultural knowledge for the sake of working efficiently, building positive longstanding partnerships with global entities that may work very differently form domestic ones, and avoiding ethical missteps that could lead to missed opportunties, or worse, bad publicity. We help you think it through.

Workplace Diversity Samples

The question of workplace diversity is fundamental to startup cultures, established companies ready to innovate, and an emerging new digital landscape. These questions can be tricky: the intersections of Gender and ability, race and place, background, age, ability and ethnicity become difficult to navigate without rock-solid expertise. We are here to help with visionary E,D&I initiatives, sticky workplace situations, and intercultural understanding and growth.


Sparking a Powerful Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative: A Sample Proposal

This sample proposal draws from a real-world initiative at a brilliant startup looking to develop a truly innovative E,D&I model. Leadership wants to build an inclusive workplace from the ground up, meaning that they are prepared to have use help them understand their current culture and forge a plan to help them transform their workplace and nourish diversity.

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Turning The Page: A Groundbreaking Workshop on Company Diversity  

This workshop is based on the idea that no one is born knowing how to think about and talk about race, gender, religion, sexuality, ethnicity or other kinds of social difference and inequality. When conversations about these issues inevitably unfold in the workplace, stakes become very high. Accessing true expertise in intercultural communication–and moreso, expertise in conducting transformative conversations around race, gender, class and other forms of social difference–is a critical step in changing workplace culture


Escaping the "Culture Fit" Straightjacket

At CultureEncode, we are prepared to help you assess your workplace culture, both in its stated form and the way it maps onto day-to-day interactions and broader dynamics. We can help you understand when recruiting and retaining a diverse workplace has been a challenge, or we can open up a workplace dialogue, using our proprietary workshop series, that will help workers renew their passion collaboration and innovation: a powerful company depends its ability to escape the culture-fit straightjacket.

Global Consulting Samples

With over a decade of global research under our belts, we are ready to travel. Our groundbreaking work has won major awards from the Mellon/ACLS, Peacock Reach, DK Wilgus, NAACP and FLAS Foundations. Ali Colleen Neff, Ph,.D., draws from her longstanding work as a researcher and professor of Anthropology, Digital and Media studies to tell you what you need to know about new global markets and users, and to envision exciting new horizons for your company. 


Digital Africa: New Modes of Innovation in the Global Context

This is a companion blog to my recent FutureTalk on African digital makers and users; you can watch the video of this talk below. Although I’m jumping off from this specific research topic, really, it’s a talk about the relationship of human diversity to digital innovation: to the power we have to harness design thinking to make alternative futures.


Hip-Hop,Design Thinking, and Digital Innovation

This research/white paper illustrates how important universal design thinking is to industry. By nourishing a more inclusive Digital landscape, we open the door to groundbreaking innovation


What Anthropology can Bring to the Industry Research Table

As tech considers its ability to serve the needs of people and communities who lie outside their "cultural default"–users with the kinds of identities and cultural experience that most match those of the programmers-it also understands that it cannot know the motivations, contexts and experiences of diverse users without engaging those users.