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Take Action: Digital Diversity and Inclusion


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How can CultureEncode's wealth of intercultural perspective enrich your organization, campaign or product? Whether it's:

  • an original ethnographic study of a potential global market,
  • custom-tailored methods for accurate UX testing with under-represented users,
  • or in-house diversity training.

We deliver fine-tuned, material results that prevent cultural blind spots and open the industry to true diversity and inclusion. 

Researching Organizational, Market, and/or User Cultures

When it comes to engaging global markets, we make sure you are in the know. Drawing from our highly-awarded anthropological fieldwork in researching global youth, popular, and digital cultures, we:

  • conduct focused primary field research and ethnographic study,
  • analyze the fundamental features and, values and practices that define your organization/workplace and the global communities it touches 
  • determine concrete steps to take to assure intercultural collaboration, communication and responsibility. 

A Custom-Tailored Strategic Plan

We are here to ensure that intercultural and inclusive thinking informs your design strategy, branding and strategic planning. We conduct original research that takes into account potential benefits (and hidden effects) of engaging diverse and global communities in your work, while also helping to head off any ethical conflicts.

Team Training, Workshops, Lectures

Using the kind of "beginner's mind" that allows anthropologists to understand the unique features and values of diverse global communities, we unlock the potential for intercultural awareness and globally-minded innovation. We conduct exercises to help teams take stock of their own narratives, values and investments so that they can better consider and serve diverse communities. We facilitate workshops that encourage the kind of innovation that draws form cultural experience, from home cooking, to art filmmaking, to global travels. We teach teams how to foster inclusion and intercultural communication, and to better serve global markets and users.

Project/User Experience Facilitation

We are prepared to help you design research programs that will get to the heart of global and diverse user experience, to communicate cross-culturally, to draw a richer participant population, and to recognize users as digital makers who push technologies to work for them, even when they don't. We specialize in conducting focus groups and ethnographic research with diverse/ global users, women, youth, and users with disabilities. With our wide-ranging experience in cross-cultural communication, we are prepared to facilitate innovative, collaborative, and inclusive design thinking.

Digital Storytelling

With a series of award-winning documentaries and multi-platform digital design under our belts, we are ready to tell the compelling story of your organization's efforts toward inclusion and diversity:

  • its engagement with global communities and causes;
  • its collaborations with users and makers in new markets; 
  • its track record in nourishing careers from underrepresented groups. 

White Papers and Multimedia

We write expertly-crafted, compelling white papers, based on original research into the work your organization does, that face both industry and public audiences. For a greater impact, we augment these with digital multimedia, storytelling, graphics, polls, and dynamic interfaces for distribution over social networking sites.

CultureEncode is well versed in mixed, innovative research methods and can produce a broad set of deliverables as well. In fact, we see these two ends of the spectrum as symbiotic, even inextricable.
— Ali Colleen Neff, Ph.D.