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Institutions can become so concerned with the question of inclusion, even with the best intentions at hand, that they tend to forget that the very landscape upon which inclusion happens–the field of tech at large (and its practices, discourses and culture)–must also transform.
— Ali Colleen Neff, Ph.D.

About Ali Colleen Neff, Ph.D. 

Since 2005, digital anthropologist and CultureEncode founder Ali Colleen Neff, Ph.D. has been studying the ways global and marginalized communities use, make, and circulate digital things.

In the course of her fieldwork with digital makers in the US inner city and with young people in West Africa, she became concerned with the need for digital platforms that reach across the "digital divide": the barrier that keeps marginalized populations from accessing the hardware, software, connectivity and training they need to participate in the digital landscape. 

In addition to directing the Digital Africa project, cultivating groundbreaking work on Digital Subcultures, and researching hip-hop digitalities, she has authored books, published a host of academic articles, and given keynotes on gender race, and media. Her work has been the recipient of major awards from the Mellon Foundation, REACH, FLAS, and DK Wilgus. 

She is affiliate faculty in Women, Gender and Sexuality studies at Portland State University. For spring 2018, she is working on a graduate course and podcast on global digital subcultures: communities of minoritized makers and users whose imaginations are sparking new possibilities in the world of tech!